If you've tried all the latest marketing strategies only to be left completely frustrated, disappointed, and financially drained because nothing has worked for your health business - then read on, because your lack of a consistent stream of new clients is not your fault! 
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FACT: Common Online Marketing Methods Won't Work For Your Health Business Unless You Get One Critical Thing Right. 

We've all done it.  Become excited by the idea that we could simply follow the latest "expert's  blueprint to model the perfect funnel, and a steady stream of clients would be flooding through your doors.

Except they didn't.  

Maybe you've tried them all...

  • ​Facebook Ads that cost a fortune and didn't produce clients affordably, if at all.
  • Social Media Posts that promised to build a following of buyers that just took time away from your family and friends while you got on the content hamster wheel.
  • ​Marketing & Ad Agencies that promise to "Do it all for you," but after spending months of time and thousands for fees and ads, they still don't produce any clients profitably.
  • ​Fancy Funnels that look beautiful and resemble what other brands use but still leave you depressed after investing time and money to create them because nothing you've tried actually works!

Do you ever wonder how some health professionals seem to be crushing it with time left for family, friends, and a personal life, while you're still stuck, unsure of what you need to do to grow your business? 

Have you dreamed of a business where cash flow is consistent and predictable, and you never had to worry about where your next client would come from again?
Do you long for more time to spend with friends, family, hobbies, travel, and personal interests?
If so, then read on...

What we're about to share with you will forever change how you see marketing your health business.  You are about to learn the secret to unlocking a steady stream of ideal clients- before investing in paid advertising, expensive funnels, or hiring a marketing agency to build your business while eating into your profits.


Introducing the

16-Weeks To Consistent, Profitable Income. Guaranteed.

In this one-of-a-kind done-with-you program, we will help you get off the content and marketing hamster wheel, identify your perfect client, properly position your expertise, and package your unique products or services to attract your perfect clients like a magnet to a profitable and effective offer - whether you’re just getting started or already a 7-figure brand.  

​All without building a complicated funnel, hiring an agency, or spending any money on untested and unpredictable advertising.  (Do this first - then, use ads, funnels or an agency to supercharge the results.)







FACT: Most Health Professionals Make This Fatal Mistake When Marketing Their Business.

Following a proven strategy that's worked for a non-health business almost always results in failure or frustration when it's used for a consumer health business.  


Because health consumers think, feel and act differently than general consumers when it comes to decisions about their health or the health of their family members.

The key is establishing a unique-to-you market position that sets you apart from the competition and establishes you as a trustworthy guide, ready to help your ideal client become the hero in their own health journey.

That's Why We Created The Trusted Authority Accelerator 
5 Module Business Growth System

The No-Funnel Approach

For over 10 years this training has only been available to members of our high-level Mastermind for health experts and luminaries;  The same mastermind that's created more New York Times Best Selling Authors, more PBS Specials, more 7-figure private practices, and more celebrity health experts than any other group.

It was born out of the frustration that nothing that worked for other businesses worked for health professionals - regardless of their credentials, list size, or popularity.

So we set out on a mission to discover the essential missing step that explained the difference between a highly credentialed, well-trained health professional struggling to make ends meet and the profitable practitioner who, regardless of credentials, was able to work normal hours while enjoying better than average client success and substantially better practice income.

And now, we're releasing it as its own done-with-you workshop, where we'll help you price, package, and promote your services with zero tech so you can start making more money without the headache of setting up funnels, sales pages, CRM systems, etc. 

At the end of The Trusted Authority Program, you'll have nailed your messaging, niche, and promotion plan and have a complete, ready-to-deploy offer that you'll feel confident sharing with your potential clients. 


Position Your Authority

  • Get clear on what makes you unique, credible, and trustworthy to your ideal client. Go beyond credentials and degrees and identify what your ideal client really cares about when looking for answers. 
  • Discover your personal “IT” factor that will make it easy and natural for you to connect authentically with prospects, and develop a trust relationship without hype, self-promotion or making claims.
  • Define and refine your Niche and the easy-to-understand results you provide.
  • Take the guesswork out of finding your audience (or even knowing if there’s an audience for what you offer)
  • Develop ‘Attraction Messaging’ that draws your perfect client to you like a magnet.


Package Your Genius

  • Develop your unique process that creates real results using our Trusted Authority model for Health Pros.
  • Choose the perfect business model to profitably deploy a share-worthy transformational experience with just a handful of your ideal clients.


Price Your Irresistible Offer

  • Dial in the perfect pricing and positioning of your program to create an irresistible offer so it’s an easy “YES!” from your clients and profitable for you.
  • Discover the no-tech no-funnel ways to sell to your ideal clients and amplify income.


Promote Your Program

  • Discover how to get in front of more prospects than you’ll need to test and validate your program, offer, and niche.
  • Create multiple no-cost / low-cost sources for leads that are pre-framed to buy from you.
  • Learn how to effortlessly deliver compelling content that speaks directly to your ideal customer.
  • Know exactly how many people you will need to reach to profitably sell your services to validate your offer and reach your revenue goals (hint - you’ll more than 10X your initial investment on this program.)


Profit and Systematize

  • How to precisely deliver your program in a way that results in a library of compelling testimonials and social proof so that its’ easy to scale.
  • Start your clients right so that you get more compliance and better outcomes.
  • Create a method to gather feedback and testimonials to help grow your program for the future.
  • Systematize what's working and keep refining.

    ​Use these skills every year in your business to continue your growth trajectory.

BONUS 1: 1 All access pass to the Health Business Growth Conference ($997 value)

Take Your Business to the Next Level at Health Business Growth Conference. World’s Largest Health and Wellness Business Conference. Full conference, keynotes and session recordings available within one week from the conference.

BONUS 1: First 20 People Receive a 30 minute Personal
1-on-1 Coaching Session with a Mindshare Coach 
($500 value)

Get insight into your business and find the barriers that are blocking you by speaking with one of our business or marketing coaches. 

BONUS 3: Add a team member to the Program 
(value of $1,000)

Have to miss a training, or want to have a team member join you so that they can ask questions and get guidance directly from the pros? No problem! 

With this exclusive Mindshare Summit bonus, one of your team members (working on your business with you) can join the Strategic Partner Program at no additional charge. You save the $1,000 team member price!

BONUS 5: Time and Money Finder Course (value of $997)

In this exclusive bonus, JJ and Karl will walk you through the same process they use to help Mastermind Members recover time and money to invest back into their business.   (In the Mastermind - the benchmark is to identify and put into place strategies that will recover at least $36,000 within 1 year - typically more - all within 90 days)

Mentorship in the Trusted Authority Accelerator

Total Retail Value $25,494.00

Regular Investment $12,997 

Special Launch Price: $9,997!

Hear What Other Health Professionals Have Experienced Working with JJ, Karl & The Mindshare Coaching Team


For The Trusted Authority Accelerator

Available For:



Money Mindset
(Value $1,000)

The #1 reason most health pros never create a business and life they love - is they have emotional blocks that prevent them from valuing their services for their real value, and they don’t understand the real value of their transformation. In this module, you’ll discover the difference between a scarcity money mindset, and an abundance mindset - and why the later is essential to hit any reasonable business or financial goal.


Find Time & Plug Money Leaks 
(Value $1,000)

This training has helped many 
successful health professionals find 
$10,000, $20,000 - even $36,000 of new 
money in just 90 days - without creating 
a new program, funnel or advertising campaign


Building a High Converting Webinar with JJ Virgin 
(Value $1,497)

Get this 60-minute training by JJ Virgin, where you'll learn the exact steps she's used to successfully deploy multiple high converting webinars for health-related programs and products. Follow this perfect template and take the guesswork out of making a 
high converting offer.


The Effortless Enrollment 
Call Formula 
(Value $1,000)

Learn to have effortless conversations with your potential clients so they ask you to become their personal guide, removing any awkward or difficult conversations about price or package deliverables, getting your engagement off to the best start. 


Intensive - Gathering Testimonials That Attract Your Best Clients  
(Value $1,000)

Testimonials are the cornerstone of selling your programs. They create social proof. Just look at how reviews drive or diminish the sales of products all over the world. Learn how to consistently gather and keep your success stories fresh to attract your perfect clients easily.

Imagine yourself:

Talking to potential clients in short, effortless conversations, and at the end, they are eager to work with you,  with no price resistance.

Never hearing someone say "that's too expensive" ever again. Because being too expensive is an excuse people make when what they actually mean is that "I don't trust that you can help me get where I'm trying to go." 

Feeling confident and strong instead of guilty or embarrassed when the money part of the conversation comes up.

Freeing up time in your schedule because you'll learn what it takes to work smarter, not harder. Use our tried and true methods to get off the hamster wheel.
Truly enjoy your client interactions because you've attracted the ones that really speak to your soul.

Overcoming all your limiting beliefs around money and gaining the freedom and clarity so that it flows into your life with ease.

Paying yourself well without worrying about creating social media or blogging.

Still have questions? Live chat with us or email:


    I’ve already bought various programs to help grow my business. I always learn something, but I’m not where I want to be. How is this different from other business building programs?
    It's field-tested and guaranteed.  Join the accelerator.  Attend the classes.  Attend the workshops.  Do the homework.  If after working with our coaches, you still can't market your business with greater success, get your money back.

    Investing in your knowledge and skills is essential for being a savvy, successful entrepreneur. There is no such thing as “tried everything,” and you will continue to grow if you stay open to learning from those who have built what you want. Our programs are led by and filled with people who have been there and done exactly what you’re hoping to create.  

    I have a tiny list. Is this something you can help with? 
    Our Trusted Authority Accelerator has the resources to teach you how to increase your income regardless of list size. By honing in on your niche, audience, and perfect client, you will learn to attract the right people into your world. 
    I don’t want to be a salesperson for myself or a marketer. I just want to help more people and do what I love.
    You may have noticed that it isn’t always the best practitioner that is the most successful.  It is the practitioner who has dialed in their “Attraction Messaging” that will bring in the income they desire without burning out. 

    In our Effortless Enrollment Call bonus, you will learn to talk to people in a sincere and genuine way that doesn’t feel like selling. We offer a Money Mindset bonus that will help you align your monetary needs and goals with your ability to do what you love so these are no longer conflicting goals. 

    imagine yourself in 4 months

    (program starts may 24th/ends Sept 15th)

    You have two paths: 

    Master charging what you're worth, working less, and enjoying your life. 


    Life stays the same. 

    Ask your future self what they want for you?

    Which path will you choose?


      JJ Virgin

      Founder, Mindshare Collaborative

      JJ has launched 3 multi-million dollar businesses, become CEO of a 7-figure personal brand, written 4 New York Times best-selling books, and founded the Mindshare Collaborative, which has propelled more New York Times best-sellers, PBS specials and 7-figure brands than any
      other community. 
      JJ is a Celebrity Nutrition Expert and Fitness Hall of Famer and is a 3-time Inc 5000 Founder.

      Karl Krummenacher

      CEO, Mindshare Collaborative

      A Fortune 5000 CEO, mentor, inventor and entrepreneur, Karl accomplished his first exit before 30 when his software company was sold to the second largest computer company in the world. He's served as a C-Level executive for both private and publicly held companies.

      During the early 2000's Karl built and deployed a successful selling system that produced over $500 Million in supplement sales.  He also invented the first web to postal direct mail service.  He's is a natural educator who loves teaching and helping people achieve their full potential.  

      Karl’s business strategies have been recognized as “Wicked Smaht” by Digital Marketer's War Room Mastermind, and is a recent recipient of Clickfunnels 2 Comma Club Award for building million dollar funnels.   

      Summer Bock

      Director, Mindshare Mastermind

      Summer Bock is a serial entrepreneur in the health space. In her business, Guts & Glory, she has generated millions of dollars selling proprietary herbal products, the Gut Rebuilding Program, and Fermentation tutorials. Using strategies shared in the Mindshare Mastermind, she automated, deleted and delegated until she was working less than 8 hours per week.

      She recently joined our team and became the Director of the Mindshare Mastermind where she coaches our high-level members to achieve success in their health practices. She works with owners, founders, and executive teams to streamline companies and increase take-home cash while they scale.

      We're So Committed To Your Success We Guarantee it.  

      How Committed Are You?


      We're so confident you'll love the Trusted Authority Accelerator we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Enroll today. Attend each of our training sessions, QA Calls and workshops. Engage with our coaches. Download the materials and do the homework. If at the end of the program, you don't feel the program was worth the price - simply let us know and we'll refund your payment.

      Still have questions?